2016 American Biogas Council Project of the Year
. Barstow's Longview Farm, 
Hadley, MA
2018 National Waste & Recycling Assoc. Organics Recycler of the Year
2019 American Biogas Council Longevity Award. 
Jordan Dairy Farms
, Rutland, MA
2019 American Biogas Council Up-and-Coming Project Award. 
Goodrich Farm, 
Salisbury, VT
to energy
Our scalable, closed-loop Farm Powered anaerobic digestion process converts the energy potential in farm and food waste into Renewable Electricity or Renewable Natural Gas. VIEW DETAILS
HOW IT WORKS A zero-waste closed loop lifecycle, Farm Powered Organics to Energy combines food-based organic waste and farm manure for the environmentally sustainable production of renewable energy and other valuable by-products. VIEW DETAILS CLEAN RELIABLE ORGANICS RECYCLING Food waste collection and recycling that meets sustainability goals, supports a local farm, costs less then other alternatives, and builds positive brand recognition. VIEW DETAILS Reduce carbon footprint through farm powered renewable energy Recycled food waste and farm waste produce Renewable Natural Gas or Renewable Electricity. VIEW DETAILS Your Food Waste is Our Fuel Got food waste or process wastewater? Get a customized, reliable, and cost competitive collection and recycling solution today and help sustain a local farm. Get a free consultation today!
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